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fiberglass yarn

  • fiberglass yarn
  • fiberglass yarn
  • fiberglass yarn
  • fiberglass yarn
fiberglass yarnfiberglass yarnfiberglass yarnfiberglass yarn

fiberglass yarn

  • yarn type:C-glass
  • tex: 34tex, 66tex, 68tex, 100tex, 134tex
  • Product description: high strength,corrosion resistance,heat resistance and little moisture absorption and ect.

Fiberglass yarn is widely used for weaving all kinds of fabrics in the scope of reinforcement, insulation, corrosion resis-tance,heat resistance and so on.

It is made from 5-9um fiberglass filament which are then gathered and twisted into one finished yarn.

Also it is necessary raw material for all kinds of insulation products, engineering material and electric industry.

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