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fiberglass mesh

  • fiberglass mesh
  • fiberglass mesh
  • fiberglass mesh
fiberglass meshfiberglass meshfiberglass mesh

fiberglass mesh

  • woven type:leno
  • Weight: 45g/m2 to160/m2
  • Main size: 5mm x 5mm or 4mm x 4mm
  • Product description: It is widly used in wall reinforce, out-side wall heat insulation, roof waterproof.

Fiberglass mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn as its basis mesh, and then coated by alkaline resistant latex. It has fine alkalin

-resistant, high strength, etc. As an ideal engineering material in construction,

it is mainly used to reinforce cement, stone, wall materials, roofing, and gypsum and so on.

We can produce any size mesh according to requirements of customer like different mesh size and weight per square meter.



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